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General Cake Topper Q+A's

How can I attach the cake toppers to the cake ? 

You can do this in a few ways:

  • you can attach using edible glue of which we sell via our website under cake accessories.
  • you can make up some very thick royal icing sugar , attach underneath the cake decorations and place on the cake. You will have to wait a couple of hours for this to fully dry. 
  • You can carefully insert a cocktail stick into larger cake toppers and then insert straight into the cake. If it is a large cake topper this would be the best method to use, but please do be aware that cake toppers can possibly start to crack if inserted incorrectly. 
  • You can simply dampen an unused paint brush to attach the cake decorations. gently brush the underneath of the cake decorations , then firmly but gently rub onto the cake. This will also require setting time for roughly a couple of hours. 

How long to the cake toppers keep for ?

They stay edible for nearly a year after purchase. They are made purely of sugar and so this has a long shelf life!

Can I keep and display my cake topper? As it was used for a very special event.

Yes! You can keep cake toppers for along as you like ! they are no longer edible after a year but they will stay perfectly fine to put on display. At Crystal-Ize we are aware that cake toppers can be very special and meaningful, especially when they have been personalised to your needs. We ensure they are made as strong as possible for this reason, and of course to ensure they travel well in the post. 

the Event is a couple of weeks away, How do I store my cake topper?

Please keep in a container with the lid slightly ajar to let the air in. This ensures it keeps the dust off but ensures the item stays set. Cake toppers need the air to remain set and firm. Keep somewhere cool but not in the fridge! They can sweat and become damaged if placed in the fridge, they are completely fine to be kept at room temperature.